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Grateful “e” Story!

We focus every day on making the rice meal series.

e1 ✨ Health comes from "food".    

e2 ✨ Cesium and strontium water eliminates.  

e3 ✨ Only natural ingredients and seasonings.

e4 ✨ Seasonal materials

    (no pesticides used, mostly in the field.)

e5✨ Maintains freshness and nutritional      

      Value with special technology     

e6 ✨ Control of the water molecule.         

e7 ✨ We're expecting a request from you.     

e8 ✨ We'll throw magic at the

      Customers  to make them smile.             


Even one meal of the day  

Enjoy gluten-free wheat foods as well as

Food salts and preservatives.


Our Differences

  Freeze and Sleep  

“Hibernating” After freshly baked.

  Enjoy the freshness of the Glue 10 Free

Non Starch powder, konjac powder, flavors,

coloring agents, preservatives, bittering agents,

bleaching agents

Safely use the power of science to keep baked products

fresh in yummy condition for a long period of time!


Fresh common sense 1.

* It's not as though we're freezing!

* Not dry

* It does not remove nutrients.

Fresh common sense 2.

The water molecule controls over the radio wave vibration.

Water molecules which transform over 200 million times

per second.Keeps the surface tension and prevents

moisture evaporation and decay.

English: 引用句
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