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It is sudden. .. .. Mochi

It's hard when it's cold, isn't it?

When mochi and rice get cold

It has the property of becoming hard

It will return when warmed!


Mochi is ticking

🔥 When warmed → Surface:

 Because it is baked, it is "crisp"

🔥 When warmed → Contents:

    It's soft!

Cold rice 🍚 Hard and unkempt

🔥 When warmed → Delicious and transformed!

Soft and

   A slightly sticky texture will be restored.


(^^) Rice flour is also rice 🌾

Rice flour series (🍞🍰🍪🍕🍩)

(Bread, cakes, cookies, etc.)

To have it deliciously

I will tell you something important.

How to thaw rice flour bread

Rice flour bread becomes hard over time

Become. After thawing naturally, warm it lightly to enjoy the freshly baked flavor.

You can enjoy it.

The warming time is a guide.

According to the ingredients such as shape and size

Please adjust.
* The product is hibernating (frozen)

I will ship it.


[Freezing storage] About 1 month

* Reuse the purchased product bag

(Cold resistant temperature: -40 ° C to 95 ° C)

* Wrap in waxed paper wrap,

Put it in a plastic bag and store it frozen.

【microwave oven】

Room temperature: Lightly wrap,

      600W heating for 20 to 30 seconds.

Freeze: Lightly wrap,

      About 1 to 3 minutes at 600W

      About 30 seconds as a guide

     (2 to 3 times depending on the condition)

      Heat little by little.


Bread and chin after natural thawing

Even if you bake the bread lightly, it is delicious

You can enjoy it.

[Frying pan]

Spread waxed paper and cover

Even if you tighten it and bake it lightly over low heat

Is delicious.


* The heating time depends on the electronic device you are using.

Please adjust.
* If it is overcooked, it will become hard, so

Please be careful.
* It has become dry and hard.

In some cases, homemade rusks or homemade

For bread crumbs and homemade croutons

It is also recommended to do it.

* If you let it dry

After putting a water bath in the product bag

Lightly toaster and enjoy

You can get it.

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