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💧 You can supply delicious drinking water for free! 💧
Our shop is registered as a spot where you can supply water for free!
Please feel free to talk to the staff.

Glue 10 Free The reason why Nishi Azabu started!
Instead of buying a plastic bottle, you can save about 333g of carbon dioxide just by supplying 500ml of water!

・ Disposable plastic consumption
   To reduce.
・ Easy to realize depending on your feelings.
・ Sustainable lifestyle.
・ Activities that connect to the next generation on the earth.

Did you know
     Water to save lives.
The water you drank goes to your skin
      10 minutes to arrive.
  To reach the brain and uterus
     It will arrive in 1 minute.

Glue 10 Free Nishi Azabu is ...
Also used for cooking
We provide normal temperature water and hot water from which cesium and strontium have been removed .

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